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118 Laurier Dr NW
Edmonton, AB, T5R 5P6

(780) 554.9222

Geography seeks to better understand the interactions between humans and their surroundings.  My area of expertise as a geographer is in understanding how people interact with and are influenced by urban environments.

I approach this broad question through a variety of techniques, from traditional research methods such as public consultation and literature reviews to mining volunteered geographic information and open data sets.


Urban Geography and Policy Consulting

I specializes in facilitation and mediation activities for the development of urban and environmental policy. I excel at working within complex multi-stakeholder or public consultation processes and my experience includes process design, project management, and facilitation.
I am able to define the relevant questions, frame them within an appropriate consensus building process, and achieve success in the form of policy options or recommendations. I have extensive experience working with diverse groups of stakeholders that include NGO’s, landowners, government, industry and academics.