Edmonton Parking Map

Project Scope

To map all of land space occupied by parking lots within the ring road in Edmonton.


To map the 2 dimensional land space (x- and y- coordinates resulting in a polygon) occupied by ground level and multi-level parking within Edmonton's ring road.

  • All surface lots will be mapped.
  • The surface area of all multi-story parking lots will also be mapped.


An accurate calculation of the land area occupied by parking structures within the ring road in Edmonton. This calculation will reflect the total land area or the percentage land area within the ring road. The type of parking lot will also be documented (surface, multi-story; gravel, paved).


  1. Please sign-up here for mapping a section of Edmonton. The sign-up is based on the 12 Wards of Edmonton.  A detailed Edmonton Ward map can be downloaded here.
  2. Open OpenStreetMap.org. If you've not registered on OSM, please do so as you will need to log-in to edit the map.
  3. Once logged in, you can access the iD editor, OSM's embedded map editor. If needed, have a look at an OSM iD Editor tutorial here.
  4. Edit away.
    1. Add parking polygons, and;
    2. Add metadata in the table to the edits. It's easiest to search for 'parking' and then fill in the drop down menu. If know, please add data to 'name', 'type', 'capacity', and 'surface' (please see below).
  5.  As you complete each Ward, please indicate on the signup sheet that status.
  6. Tweet your edits as well, and remember to tag me @mattdance for RTs.
  7. Once all of the parking is mapped, I will download the parking data and convert to a SHP and GeoJson files and post on my blog for people to use. I will also submit to the City of Edmonton Open Data Team to see if they'll post to the City's open data portal.
  8. Finally, if you have any issues or concerns, please let me know @mattdance #yegparking.

Thank you!




Matthew DanceComment