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Crowdsourcing A Traffic Safety Spreadsheet

Matthew Dance

 The Transcription and Validation spreadsheet that Karen created on Google Docs.

The Transcription and Validation spreadsheet that Karen created on Google Docs.

I love our open data and cycling community in Edmonton.  

My blog post from yesterday, The City of Edmonton's FOIP Request Process is Broken, has received a over 200 views in less than 24 hours (for me, huge) and has generated many emails and Twitter conversations regarding the state of FOIP Response in the City.

Furthermore, Karen Parker has created a Google Drive spreadsheet to crowdsource the data.  Thanks Karen!

How the crowdsourcing works

You need two documents:

  1. A PDF of the traffic safety document can be found here.
  2. The Google Drive document can be found here.  


  1. Open a window with the traffic safety PDF in view.  You can work from this window, or you can download and print the document.
  2. Open another window and navigate to the Google Drive document and select a page from the tabs on the bottom. Check the page 'status' from a drop down menu found in the upper left corner of each page. The options are (1) Transcription in Process, (2) Not Started, (3) Transcribed, (4) Validation in Process, and (5) Validated.
  3. If the Google Docs page needs to be 'Transcribed' or 'Validated', find the corresponding Traffic Safety sheet and Transcribe or Validate.
  4. Have a beer/scotch/gin/glass of wine.

Thank you for helping to transcribe these data!