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Founded in 2007, Matthew Dance Consulting specializes in facilitation and mediation activities, primarily in the environmental and urban policy development domain. With a skill set that includes Process Design, Project Management, and Facilitation, I am able to define the relevant questions, frame them within an appropriate consensus building process, and achieve success in the form of policy or software requirements. I have extensive experience working with diverse groups of stakeholders that include NGO’s, landowners, government, industry and academics.

Prior to founding my consultancy, I worked as the Senior Project Manager for the Clean Air Strategic Alliance. My projects included the Public Consultation component for a project team that was drafting new emissions policy for electricity generators; the Vehicle Emissions Project Team, and the Human and Animal Health Project Team.  

I possess a B.A. in Physical Geography from Queen's University and a M.A. in Urban Geography from The University of Alberta. My thesis, Crowdsourcing Edmonton's River of Green: A Case Study of Neogeography in Edmonton's River Valley, can be found here.

You can view my CV on LinkedIn.

Matthew Dance Consulting